Would you like to be the MSOPC Media and Communications volunteer?

If you filled this volunteer role you would be working to ensure maximum coverage of MSOPC and its activities. This may mean that you will need to communicate directly with editors of local village, parish and town community publications, journalists and advertising staff of local newspapers, radio and T.V. as necessary.  In addition you are likely to be in contact our partners, which includes NHS, local Councils and community organsiations.

This is a role that is likely to be filled by someone with either media experience or has previously worked in PR or other similar roles. You will need to be computer literate and have the ability and confidence to communicate at all levels.

Whilst it is envisaged that this role would be filled by a volunteer who would enjoy being part of the MSOPC management team 60+, application from individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills who want to do voluntary work of this nature and have an empathy with older people will be welcomed.

If you are interested in joining us to fill this role please email¬†trustee@msopc.org.uk or leave a message on 01444 242760 or use “Contact Us” facility on this website.