Inter-generational work

MSOPC is delighted to work with other generations where there is benefit in doing so.

VE Day Bentswood 3

Undoubtedly, daughters and sons of older people, and grand-daughters and grandsons of older people, already help us to reach their parents and grand parents  – by bringing their attention to our organisation and helping to link them into it.  This is one way younger people can help older people.

MSOPC works with local schools and colleges where we can to hold events or develop joint initiatives. A look through our past events would illustrate this – for instance the entertainment at the MSOPC Christmas party for supporters for the last two years (2015 and 2016) was provided by students from St Paul’s College, Burgess Hill.

A current continuing example of this is the Ardingly College IT 1:1 help drop in sessions where older people are helped by college students to get connected to the internet, make better use of their phone, tablet and laptop.  See our Computer help IT Drop in Events page for more information.

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